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  • Fit Type: Skinny Fit
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE COMPRESSION – A blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex and similar to our compression shorts, our compression fitness leggings for men offer moisture-wicking support for active lifestyles and help you with daily gym fitness, outdoor hiking, and sports such as golf, jogging, marathons, soccer, yoga, and baseball. Firm compression in our mens athletic pants enhances oxygen and circulation in the legs, reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles and allowing you perform at your peak
  • BOOST ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – Our mens running pants help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness while performing any physical activity such as sprinting, squatting, lifting, bike riding. By providing proper compression across all muscle groups, our mens base layer can help prevent overexertion, stress and tension across your hips, thighs, shins and calves. They are great when worn as yoga pants, basketball tights, or running pants.
  • REDUCE MUSCLE STIFFNESS AND FATIGUE: Medium-weight compression pants support your muscles and keep them warm. They help regulate your body temperature for optimum workout performance and muscle recovery
  • All moisture absorbing material for keeping you dry
  • Skin tight pant with special lightweight 4-way stretch fabric and treated with special finish ensure a perfect fit

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